The Greek bucolic poets

by J. M. Edmonds (Translator)

Other authorsTheocritus (Author)
Hardcover, 1928




London : Cambridge, Mass. : Heinemann ; Harvard University Press, 1928.


Theocritus (third century BCE) was the founder of bucolic poetry. The extant poems of Moschus (second century BCE) and Bion (probably second and first centuries BCE) are not really bucolic, but Bion s Lament for Adonis is floridly brilliant. Pattern poems are found in the Greek Anthology, a work of many centuries.

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LibraryThing member HarryMacDonald
Very good for its time, which is said not in trendy preference for the modern but with a recognition of the inevitable -- ahem -- challenges presented to the Victorian Lang by some of the racier lines. Taken in tandem with the Loeb GREEK BUCOLIC POETS, the non-reader of classical Greek can gain a very good sense of what those old fellows were about.… (more)

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