Part Asian, 100% Hapa

by Kip Fulbeck

Paper Book, 2006




San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c2006.


A collection of head-on portraits and quotes in which men and women whose mixed racial heritage includes Asian or Pacific Island descent discuss what their heritage means to them and how it defines them.

User reviews

LibraryThing member YAlit
The decision to photograph people from the neck up with little to no makeup, jewelery, clothing, or accessories, provides both a simple and complex portrait of identity. With the interesting range of responses from his subjects and his beautiful, unadorned photographs, Fulbek's collection ultimately celebrates diversity as it explores a range of perspectives on biracial and Asian identity.… (more)
LibraryThing member Katya0133
Each spread includes a picture of a subject and a personal statement written by them (and in their own handwriting) about what it means to be part Asian. A beautiful collection of images and thoughts.
LibraryThing member anhsieh
The culmination of the Hapa Project, wherein Kip Fulbeck, a rather talented poet/photographer/surfer/guitarist (you name it), photographs various people who define themselves as Hapa. That is, Fulbeck did not say "I will only photograph this particular racial identity", but rather accepted anyone who considered themselves Hapa. Included in the book are a variety of portraits, devoid of any identifying markers except for the subjects' natural appearances, as well as their own handwritten answers to the one question Hapas get the most: "What are you?"

From infants to the elderly, Fulbeck photographs them all (though it can be difficult to find the elderly, considering the once-illegal state of interracial marriages), and does so with staggering talent. Most of all, however, Fulbeck lets his subjects define themselves in every way, without his interference, and considering the nature of this work, that is for the best.
… (more)


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