They fought for the sky; the dramatic story of the first war in the air

by Quentin James Reynolds

Hardcover, 1957




New York, Rinehart [1957]

User reviews

LibraryThing member MasseyLibrary
The book is short on analysis and long on anecdotes. My issues are that Reynolds says next to nothing about air combat outside of the Western Front (where he even forgets the plucky Belgian air force). He also starts off discussing the development of aircraft and tactics from 1914-15 but the later chapters are merely a tale of aces. It is however a good introduction to the subject… (more)
LibraryThing member RGold714
This was the first book I read on World War One. was in 7th grade and checked it out of the school library. It was exciting to read.and every page brought something new, Skip ahead 55 years, I bought a copy from a used book store and reread it. It was missing so much, It had the most famous aces on the Western Front, but nothing about Russia,the Middle East or Italy.The was little about the bomber development or the use of naval aviation,
This was my introduction to Military History and for that I will always remember it. However,as history it was about 7th grade level.
… (more)


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