The Russian Revolution

by John Bradley

Hardcover, 1988




London : Brompton, 1988.


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User reviews

LibraryThing member Borg-mx5
I am a Russophile so this is right up my alley. This is more of a coffee table book with many photographs, but the text is a valid introduction to this fascinating and unique bit of history. We will never see such a revolution again.
LibraryThing member hermit
The first edition of this book that I have has the appearance of a coffee table book filled with photos. Though there are many photos are a historically relevant and used in appropriate context of the accompanying text. The text itself is far ranging and I would consider a crash course into this period of time in Russia. This is not light reading and worthy of the description of a work in the category of history.

Though the material requires much more in depth work a an introduction it covers the period from the imperial rein of the Romanov family at the beginning of the twentieth centaury, through the affects of World War I and the ensuing turmoil. Russian saw a 1905 revolution, followed by World War I, which gave the opportunity for the armed insurrection in 1917 that was followed by a civil war. Even refers to another separate revolution which is actually part of the civil war.

The interactions of all involved parties within Russian and the foreign powers that intervened are covered in these periods of military and political conflict. It is amazing how well these events are analyzed in great detail. The end of the book is a quick summary of all the economic and political turmoil that resulted in the aftermath of the Bolshevik success.
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