The Moosewood Restaurant kitchen garden

by David P. Hirsch

Paper Book, 1992




New York : Simon & Schuster, 1992.


This practical guide to the planting, harvesting and use of more than 35 herbs and 30 different vegetables provides information on garden construction, gardening and techniques (including crop rotation and seed starting) and harvesting. There are also culinary tips on how to get the best flavour from everthing from asparagus to spinach, angelica to thyme and includes more than 50 easy-to-prepare recipes, such as gazpacho verde, sweet potato muffins and blueberry lemon tart. The book is a companion volume to Sundays At Moosewood Restaurant.

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LibraryThing member bilbette
Here’s yet another book from the Moosewood collective. This one takes a very different slant, though. It covers propagation, growing requirements and harvesting for many vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. From there it continues with culinary tips and garden planning. Finally it rounds it all
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off with recipes for using the garden grown food.

That's all a very tall order to cover in one book that's less than 300 pages, yet it manages to feel unhurried and covers the basis with no blatant holes. You're not going to find every little vegetable, herb or edible flower, but he covers more common ones. He includes the names of some of the varieties that are more suited for different cooking/eating purposes.

This may not be the most essential book you'll ever own, but its enthusiasm is infectious and overall it's a nice flower in the garden of your cooking and gardening books.
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