The complete Brothers Grimm fairy tales

by Jacob Grimm

Other authorsWilhelm Grimm (Author), Lily Owens (Editor)
Hardcover, 1981




New York : Avenel Books : Distributed by Crown, c1981.


More than 200 tales by the Brothers Grimm.

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LibraryThing member the1butterfly
The best thing about this edition is, of course, its completeness. This has all the tales, including the ten religious tales for children. It's definitely an adult version- just the tales and no pictures or mincing about. The translation is based on the Grimms' last edition. I bought this after
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becoming interested in fairy tales and have since been more than happy with the results.
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LibraryThing member gundulabaehre
This is a reprint of Friedrich Panzer's 1913 publication of the first edition of the fairy tale collection of the Brothers Grimm (from 1813). Although his introduction is quite dated, the real find are the fairy tales themselves, as many of the tales are slightly different from the later editions
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(most modern editions of the tales are of the seventh or final edition from 1857). For example, in the 1813 version of Rapunzel Rapunzel is sent into the wilderness by Mrs. Gothel (the fairy) because she is obviously pregnant, a fact that is not mentioned in the 1857 version of the tale. And in the original tale of Snow White, the heroine was pursued by her jealous mother, only later was the jealous mother turned into an evil stepmother. While I would probably not recommend this edition for casual reading, as even some of the language and orthography are somewhat old-fashioned, it is a very interesting and enlightening addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in the genesis and development of Grimms' fairy tales. It is, however, in German, and I do not know if an English translation of the 1813 edition even exists.
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LibraryThing member jontseng
Enormous breadth, and much crueller in the original telling (and the best children's literature often has a streak of cruelty viz Roald Dahl). Maybe there are too many stories in the volume - sometimes they can be repetitive. On a secondary note and interesting window into the folk traditions of
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early modern Germany.
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LibraryThing member Duranfan
Your favorites from childhood are here, and a bunch of tales you probably never heard. But these are NOT the sugar-coated, Disney versions. The damsels don't always survive, the hero doesn't always win, and some downright evil and twisted things happen to innocent people.

Fairy tales are not always
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nice. But it's still worth reading.
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LibraryThing member Bookswithbite
Ever since I was a little girl, fairy tales have always made a way into my heart. I will never forget staying up late reading stories about Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. The more I read these fairytales the more I wanted. Then I found my way to the fae. Another realm of
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stories I fell into. Then I learned about The Brother’s Grimm. I was immediately consumed with learning about all these stories and fascinated that even existed. I wanted the beginning. I wanted the truth of how and where this stories began. So I began searching for the perfect book to open that door. I found it in my local indie bookstore. I ask if they have a collection of the “real” Grimm’s brothers stories. They said yes and brought me this beauty…

Can I talk about how BEAUTIFUL this book is? Cause it truly is. Leatherbound, eerie and smelling wonderfully (yes I sniffed the book). It has gold pages laced with the real stories of Cinderella, Rapunzel, etc. I have it sitting by my bedside in which I read a story each night. And each story has brought me so much satisfaction.

The stories themselves aren’t anything new. Most of us all heard of the Grimm’s stories either by movies (Disney has turned many Grimm’s stories into movies) or tv shows. I personally love reading the real thing. I feel like I stepped into a whole other world when I open this book. And maybe there is hope that something, maybe something strange will happen…you know, just like in stories. (WINK, WINK)

If you are a fairytale lover like me and enjoy reading, go pick up this beauty. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore this book. I’m not even half-way through it (as I’m reading it slowly) but it is truly a wonderful collections of stories. I will warn you that these stories don’t all have happy endings. These stories were meant for children as lessons for life. Some end in happy endings while others not so much. With each story, I think about the life lesson that the Brothers Grimm are portraying. The way the capture it so beautifully in just a mere couples of pages always leaves me in awe.
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LibraryThing member ToniFGMAMTC
This collection is a load of interesting little stories. These originals are way more twisted than fairytales of my childhood. In these versions, the repercussions are more bloody and less forgiving.
LibraryThing member Gold_Gato
These are the unabridged tales of the Brothers Grimm, which means death and envy and not-nice endings. These are old German tales, which can bring back rather Teutonic visions of paganism and malicious parents. One can understand the superstition of the Germanic population and how many of these
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tales originated during the Thirty Years' War, when entire families and villages vanished in flames. I suppose if I had to survive during those times, my mind would have created wondrous stories that focused on retribution and survival. While the Grimms collected these tales in the 19th Century, the horrors of the previous centuries come through loud and clear.

There are many patterns throughout the stories with the numbers 3 and 7 being very popular. Three sons venture into the world, seven brothers are turned into swans, three puzzles must be solved by the potential groom, seven years must be served under the Devil...and so forth and so on. Wives and mothers do not come out well here, either being selfish or witches or both. Hansel and Gretel still resonates, more so after reading the original version (as in, parents not wanting the kids).

I took my time reading this over several months, so I could enjoy each story. There are many favorites but the one I enjoyed the most was the shortest:MISFORTUNE, which quickly tells the tale of a man who couldn't win, even as he was being saved (crushed by a wall).

When misfortune pursues any one, it will find him out into whatever corner he may creep, or however far he may flee over the world.

Book Season = Autumn (season of the witch)
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LibraryThing member sharese
The book I own is from 1945 and I could not find the specific book on here. This is a collection of the fairy tales collected and printed by the brothers Grimm. All of the classic tales such as Briar Rose (sleeping Beauty) and Cinderella are in the book as well as some unknown to me like
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Fundevogel. Many of the stories start with 'Once upon a time' and contain someone good, someone bad and a quest or lesson to be learned. The book is bound with burgundy material and has wonderful color prints on the front and throughout the book.
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LibraryThing member Czrbr
Book Description: New York: Pantheon Books, 1972. Original Cloth. Very Good/Very Good /Good /Very Good. Later printing of one of the earliest works of Joseph Campbell -- this authoritative edition, with Campbell's commentary, of the complete fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm.
LibraryThing member mproject
Diez cuentos de los hermanos Grimm en Español. Libro de capitulos, para niños de 9 años. // Ten brothers Grimm's stories in Spanish. Chapter book for 9 year old children.
LibraryThing member kaiserestates
All familiar stories in a collection. They include: Frog King, Hansel and Gretel, Fisherman and his Wife, Cinderella, Thumbling, Mother Holle, Seven Ravens Fitcher's Bird, and Juniper Tree.
LibraryThing member ccahill
It was interesting to read the original (and darker) versions of some of the fairy tales that Disney has sanitized for American children. I love Grimm fairy tales, and they are even better in their original German. Each one is not only entertaining, but teaches a great life lesson. If you have a
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dark sense of humor or just plain like morbid stories, Grimm fairy fales are as good as they get.
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LibraryThing member tjwilliams
These are not your children’s fairy tales. The Brothers Grimm were not shy about using violence and vivid imagery to graphically depict the trials and travails of their characters. And, given the number of evildoers in these stories, gritty and disturbing ends are not at all uncommon. But once it
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is understood that these are fairy tales for adults, they are very entertaining. The only issue with having all 200+ stories collected in one volume is they are incredibly repetitive. In many of their volumes, the brothers merged and combined stories that were similar but there are still many themes and circumstances that are repeated in their fairy tales. For example, there are countless tales of a young man who attempts to win the king’s daughter and must complete several tasks which would be completely impossible had he not saved a talking animal in the past who can do the task for the young man. That is the plot summary for roughly a dozen of the stories and it can become annoying reading what seems like the same story again and again.

Repetitiveness aside, Grimm’s fairy tales are an entertaining bunch. Reading the entire book from cover to cover is not recommended, but the stories are brief enough that they can be consumed in chunks of four or five without requiring a significant time commitment. Ultimately, this collection is worth having if only for the older interpretations of what are considered classic fairy tales: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. These stories are often quite different from their modern Disney counterparts and are well worth the read.
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LibraryThing member bleached
One of the best collections. The real versions of all the classic fairy tales that Disney censored. The gore and twists give them more of a realistic perspective and are more alluring. Definitely a book I plan to pass down for generations.
LibraryThing member 06nwingert
I decided to read the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, possibly the world's first set of collected fairy tales, shortly after finishing The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I loved Grimm's Fairy Tales for their darkness and originality. Although some of the fairy tales have become ubiquitous in our culture,
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such as "Hansel and Gretel," I enjoyed reading the original version.
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LibraryThing member annied1
All of the stories in this collection have a lesson to teach the reader. The stories also allow the reader to escape to another time and place. This is my favorite collection of fairy tales. I would recommend them to all children to help stimulate the imagination and build an appreciation for
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LibraryThing member chelsiking
Although very long, worthwhile for readers for all ages! These are fun twists on classic fairy tales most of us have heard, & the ones we haven't the reader will fall in love with!
LibraryThing member sderby
Illustrated collection of the Grimm brother's European fairy tales.
LibraryThing member hbergander
The most famous and well-known German anthology of Fairy Tales
LibraryThing member temsmail
Interesting reading, but hard to get through. These are the fairy tales I heard of as an adult, but never knew as a vhild. Some of these are NOT for children.
LibraryThing member SMG-SReeswemyss
The brothers grimm book of fairytales is not for the lighthearted. Its scary and has many dark themes yet somehow on a cold winters night im always drawn in.
LibraryThing member lyz94
Wow, disney is WAY off on how the original Cinderella went!! I like this book, but the brothers Grimm were a little morbid!
LibraryThing member comfypants
I guess I'm glad I read it, but it was a chore. For every good story, there are twenty near-unreadable messes.
LibraryThing member nhwong
I love reading fairy tales, but more specifically, the originals of the currently well-known versions perpetuated by Disney. Because of their generally significantly darker nature, it's probably best to use these stories for older students who are studying fairy tales and learning their
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conventions. Be a good compare/contrast exercise or prompt for essays.
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LibraryThing member TheBooknerd
Every book nerd should have a copy of the Grimms' tales. If you haven't delved any further than Disney, you should definitely get a copy of the complete tales right away.



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