The Flower Beneath the Foot: Being a Record of the Early Life of St. Laurade Nazianzi and the Times in Which She Lived

by Ronald Firbank

Hardcover, 1924





New York, Brentano's

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LibraryThing member thorold
Firbank pretty much at his most outrageous: you'd have a hard time finding a row of tents that was even remotely as camp as this.

As usual, the story isn't particularly important, just a hook to hang Firbank's incomparable dialogue onto, but for what it's worth, the setting is an imaginary foreign court where the crown prince is on the point of ditching his mistress to marry a horsey English princess. We get a wonderful cast of society ladies, Arab florists, nuns, and British expatriates, all conversing in airy non-sequiturs which generally have more than a hint of double-entendre about them. Great fun, but you certainly wouldn't want it to go on at that level for more than 150 pages.… (more)



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