Shiva dancing

by Bharti Kirchner

Paper Book, 1998





New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Dutton, c1998.


Computer expert Meena Kumari of California returns to India to reacquaint herself with her husband from a forced child marriage before she was saved by an American couple who adopted her. Paradoxically, the trip leads to love with an American. A first novel by the author of The Healthy Cuisine of India.

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LibraryThing member mramos
This book is far from believable. But never the less a good read. I was able to put it down and took a few days to read it, instead of my normal one to two days. She starts plot lines and does not follow through on them. And the flow of time from chapter to chapter is very erratic.

The first chapter of this book is very well written. There is a wonderful depiction of village life in tribal India. I felt as if I was there. It makes you want to read the rest of the book. But this level of writing is not carried through. I also found that the quick glimpse of high tech computer firms corporate backstabbing was very accurate. And the choices they make on whom to fire and keep was right on target. It made me remember why I retired from the work force before I was at the age of forty without any regret and never looked back.

The book does have romance and intrigue. But, the characters are too atypical and our heroine is too perfect. The author does try to let us into the view of a bicultural heritage in today's world. She just seemed to not know how to show is the journey.
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LibraryThing member Smits
This book was somewhat predictable. it took a long time for her to realize she had to go to India when I had that figured out early on. her career with the software company and how she was framed and then fired i figured out before it unfolded. There were parts that i liked mostly the descrption of India when she was there and how she viewed traditions etc.… (more)


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