Road scholar : coast to coast late in the century

by Andrei Codrescu

Hardcover, 1993






New York : Hyperion, 1993.


Andrei Codrescu takes a six week, 4,500 mile odyssey across America in a cherry-red '68 Cadillac convertible. Road Scholar is a delightful portrait of America in all its confounding diversity and inspiring self-confidence.

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LibraryThing member NateJordon
A different sort of road novel; a brief examination of (then) modern America seen through the poetically inquisitive eyes of a Romanian immigrant. Though published in the 90s, Andrei Codrescu's observations still ring true twenty years later. Not just an outsider's view, Codrescu's is an outrider's view, which may be the perspective we need to see ourselves, as opposed to the mirror reflection we get accustomed to. I found this brief passage particularly poignant:

"The true American religion is speed. When you go fast you don’t notice much. In the Church of Speed, Inattention is God. If you go fast enough, you’ll take the approximate over the accurate . . . the copy over the original . . . the copy of the copy over the copy . . . the ideal cowboy over the bone-tired cowpoke . . . the mythic gunslinger over the petty criminal . . . the illusion over reality . . . the fast buck over the sweaty nickel."
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