The library : a world history

by James W. P. Campbell

Other authorsWill Pryce (Illustrator.)
Hardcover, 2013




Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2013.


A library is not just a collection of books, but also the buildings that house them. From the great dome of the Library of Congress, to the white facade of the Seinäjoki Library in Finland, the architecture of a library is a symbol of its time as well as of its builders' wealth, culture, and learning.

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LibraryThing member noo94r
It covers the history of the library from ancient times to the very present. While the majority of the focus is on Continental Europe and England there are a number of Asian and American examples included as well.
LibraryThing member octafoil40
A stunningly beautiful pictorial & authoritative architectural history of over eighty of the world's libraries. I love books and I love libraries! What a fabulous $75.00 Christmas gift of this year 2015 given to me by my sister Tina and her husband Stephen!
LibraryThing member vpfluke
This is a beautiful showing the history of the larege nd relly gorgeous librries of the world, but stressing Western Europe. It takes from early building ruins, through the age of fewer books and kept secret or locked up in some way, to the current openness. The large beautiful reading rooms with
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decorated ceilings surrounded by an oustanding supply of well bound reference books seems out of our ordinary appreciation. But these places still do exist, but usually in the large cities, well-established universities and religious citadels. These are the places of cavernous stacks and overstuffed balconies. This book is a welcome addition to any bibliophile's own library
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LibraryThing member patriciau
beautiful coffee table book tracing the history of libraries from ancient times to the present. a lovely gift for the librarian in your life!



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