Mrs. 'Arris goes to Moscow

by Paul Gallico

Hardcover, 1974





New York, Delacorte Press, 1975 First American Edition.


Responsible for cleaning the homes of the rich, Mrs Harris is a humble charlady with a knack for putting things in order wherever she goes. When, much to her surprise, she wins a trip for two beyond the Iron Curtain, she has no idea of the adventure that lies ahead of her. Ever the loyal servant, however, Mrs Harris (accompanied by her loyal friend Mrs Butterfield) believes it only right that others benefit from her good fortune as well. With a mink coat in mind for Mrs Butterfield, she also hopes to use their 'oliday to reignite a lost romance between her lovelorn employer and a Russian woman he had loved years ago. Unfortunately, the discreet passing of documents is an activity which can land even the most well-intentioned charlady in hot water with the KGB...… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member HiramHolliday
Nice story by Paul Gallico. Wat I don't like is the fact that mrs Arris and mrs Butterfield speak Cockney. and that is quite horrible to read. So no more mrs Harris stories for me
LibraryThing member MinaIsham
-- Paul Gallico's protagonist Ada Harris is a charlady living in London. One of her clients fell in love with a Russian woman while doing research for a book in Moscow. Alas, the lovers are unable to communicate. When Mrs. 'Arris wins a trip for two to Moscow she invites her friend Violet Butterfield & hopes to reunite Liz & Geoffrey. The women's adventures (& misadventures) are laugh-out-loud funny. Paul Gallico, author of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, has also sent Mrs. 'Arris to New York, Paris, & Parliament. --… (more)



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