The beast God forgot to invent

by Jim Harrison

Hardcover, 2000




New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, c2000.


Fiction. Literature. Short Stories. HTML:An unforgettable collection of novellas from the author of Legends of the Fall explores the line between civilization and the "wild men." Jim Harrison is an American master. The Beast God Forgot to Invent offers stories of culture and wildness, of men and beasts and where they overlap. A wealthy man retired to the Michigan woods narrates the tale of a younger man decivilized by brain damage. A Michigan Indian wanders Los Angeles, hobnobbing with starlets and screenwriters while he tracks an ersatz Native-American activist who stole his bearskin. An aging alpha canine, the author of three dozen throwaway biographies, eats dinner with the ex-wife of his overheated youth, and must confront the man he used to be. "Harrison's intricate symbolism and scathing observations of urban foibles, his sly humor and vibrant language remind readers that he is one of our most talented chroniclers of the masculine psyche, intellectual or not." ??Publishers Weekly… (more)

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LibraryThing member kenmueller40
Good first sentence: "The danger of civilization, of course, is that you will piss away your life on nonsense." The first three words are italicized for unclear reasons; I mean, I could understand emphasizing "The" or "danger" or even "The danger" but why "of?" Maybe it is just a typo.
LibraryThing member JBreedlove
Three novella's, The Beast God Forgot to Invent, Westward Ho, and I Forgot to Go to Spain are interesting, entertaining and well written. They show, once again, Harrison's penchant for creating characters that are out of the main stream and often have no regard for money, whether overly rich or
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overly poor.
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LibraryThing member rexmedford
This is a collection of three superb stories.....Harrison has such an incredible command of language. He says so much in a simple sentence....paragraphs are wonders of thought. I love the writers style...and I plan to read his works. I am recommending this book to all my avid reader friends. Jim
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Harrison is in the league of John Irving.....great American literature.
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LibraryThing member feralcatbob
I know I've read this but don't seem to remember anything about it, so I'll have to read it again.


Independent Publisher Book Awards (Gold — General Fiction — 2001)


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