Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert

by Terry Tempest Williams

Paperback, 2002




Vintage (2002), 288 pages


Essays on why places like the redrock desert of southern Utah matter to the soul.

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LibraryThing member eduscapes
One of my favorite nature writers, Williams does an outstanding job describing her love of the red canyons of southern Utah. Through short stories and essays, you feel like you're sharing her experiences.
LibraryThing member RJRutstein
This is a beautifully written evocation of the Desert Country of Utah and the Colorado Plateau. A call for wilderness and ecological responsibility. She has a poetic voice and her stories and essays are emotional and touching.
LibraryThing member mkboylan
9. [Red Passion and Patience in the Desert] by [[Terry Tempest Williams]]

This is my first reading of Williams and certainly a five star read. Yes her lyrical descriptions of desert and wilderness are alone worth the read, but what struck me the most were two specific ideas.

1. Time spent in the wilderness can lead to spiritual connection to the earth. This connection provides the strength to take on the responsibility and commitment of political action to preserve the earth, in a democratic process, perhaps even eventually leading to consensus.

2. Williams gives an illustration of this possible consensus, wherein environmentalists support locals who may not want wilderness designation because of perceived economic loss. The environmentalists put their money where their mouth is by "buying locally grown beef or purchasing value-added timber products from small-scale logging companies mindful of harmful forestry practices such as clear-cutting."

This book gives me hope.
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