Goldwyn : a biography

by A. Scott Berg

Hardcover, 1989




New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1989.


Everybody knows the name Goldwyn. Through this documentary, everyone will get to know the man behind the name. This is a tale not only of a man but of an era and of the history of Hollywood. Contains clips from over 38 movies as well as many first-person interviews and a great deal of rare archival footage and photography.

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LibraryThing member J_Starling
Scott Berg did a superb job of scholarly research on this biography of Schmuel Gelbfisz (Samuel Goldwyn). Of course, he took close to ten years, and had a lot of grant money to make the job go a little smoother. However, Berg produced a book that encompasses the history of Jewish immigrants to America, and their transition to the pioneers of the film-making industry. Berg will often give insights into mysterious actions by Goldwyn or other characters, that produce real food for thought. He doesn't just give a "Hollywood History," he produced an "American History" complete with the first, largest waves of Jewish immigration in the 19th century, and the industries they flourished in: glove making, hat making, tailoring, jewelling, and finally - film-making. A serious study of Hollywood for every true movie "fan."… (more)
LibraryThing member Tasman
I enjoyed this book but was disappointed there were not more "Goldwynisms".


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