New York times cook book

by Craig Claiborne

Hardcover, 1961




New York, Harper [1961]


Presents nearly fifteen hundred recipes, including traditional American and dishes from twenty countries, from appetizers to desserts.

User reviews

LibraryThing member dianaleez
Good for the basics, but not especially interesting or innovative.
LibraryThing member IreneF
The good thing about this book is that it has a lot of recipes, pretty much *just* recipes--no pictures, no engaging stories--so there's no filler. (I don't care how a dish looks after it's been fiddled over by a food stylist.) The down side is that many of the recipes are much heavier on the butterfat than I'm used to. Lots of butter, lots of cream. Also, some of them are a little cryptic but nothing that can't be overcome, "e.g. cook the vegetables in a small amount of boiling water." How much is "a small amount"? One cup? Two cups? (I guessed two cups. Everything worked.)

So--not for someone who needs incredible amounts of hand-holding or is entirely new to the concept of cooking, nor for anyone who eschews fat, but you get a lot of recipes that ought to work out with a little attention.
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