American Reference Library (6 Volumes)

by John Clark Ridpath

Other authorsMarcus J. Wright (Author), J. Franklin Jameson (Author), James W. Buel (Author)
Hardcover, 1900




Washington, D.C.: American Society, 1900. Full red leather. Edition De Luxe.

Local notes

One of 500 numbered copies. Volumes include The New World Reference by Buel, The United States Analytical Reference (Epochs of Discovery, Planting and Independence) by Ridpath, The United States Analytical Reference (Epochs of Nationality, War and Greatness) by Ridpath and Buel, Analytical Reference (Our Wars and New Possessions) by Buel and Wright, Encyclopedic Dictionary of American Reference (2 vol) by Jameson and Buel. Non circulating.
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