The Facts about Shakespeare

by William Allan Neilson

Other authorsAshley Horace Thorndike (Joint Author.)
Hardcover, 1927




New York, The Macmillan Company, 1927.

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This book is an easy read containing a wealth of knowledge about Shakespeare's life, career, the Elizabethan Era, and the development of drama during Shakespeare's time. There is a lot of detail concerning what is actually known and what is believed but not proven concerning about Shakespeare himself, as well as interesting information about his body of works and when they were written. The author, William Neilson, not only gives the gift of his knowledge, but lays out his research to support the information in the book. By doing this, he not only increases the readers basic knowledge of Shakespeare and his time, but also increases the readers knowledge of what research has been down and its validity. The reader will come away with a greater understanding of everything Shakespeare.… (more)


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