Rock Hudson : his story

by Rock Hudson

Other authorsSara Davidson (Author)
Hardcover, 1986




New York : Morrow, 1986.


Five of Rock Hudson's most impressive films.

User reviews

LibraryThing member ennie
Shortly before his death from AIDS, Rock Hudson allowed Davidson access to him and his inner circle, resulting in this well-researched (auto)biography. Hudson comes off as a generous, humorous talent, who stayed in the closet to protect his image although his private life was no secret to his close friends.
LibraryThing member knahs
Prior to his death Hudson worked with the author for this book. While there are very few interviews with Hudson, Hudson did tell his friends to cooperate with the author so you get insight as to what went on in Hudson's private life. Hudson rarely gave interviews but you get a glimpse of Hudson's life from the interviews with those who spent most of their time with Hudson. Hudson sad end is described in detail but the good he did by coming forward on having AIDS will never be forgotten.… (more)


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