The Tower: The Tumultuous History of the Tower of London from 1078

by Derek A. Wilson

Hardcover, 1979




New York : Scribner, 1979


The Tower of London, since William the Conqueror began to build the White Tower in 1078, has an important part in British history as a fortress, palace, prison, place of execution, zoo, mint and jewel house. Recent discoveries have changed our understanding of the history and archaeology of the building and the author of this study incorporates recent information and anecdotes about those who, for whatever reason, have found themselves residing in the Tower.

User reviews

LibraryThing member john257hopper
This is a workmanlike history aimed at the general reader, which has been in my collection for many years and only now read after a visit to the Tower in early September 2009. The author has a tendency sometimes to digress to give a general historical account of the times, but this is probably reasonable in a book aimed for this audience.… (more)


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