Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders

by Linda Sillitoe

Other authorsAllen D. Roberts (Author)
Paper Book, 1988




Salt Lake City, Utah : Signature Books, 1988.

User reviews

LibraryThing member vibrantminds
The story behind Mark Hoffman's Mormon forgeries and murders that he committed. An intriguing true story of how deception and fraud led to eventual murder. He had a talent that surpassed even the experts in his forgery skills, a technique that he had perfected and none could detect the fraud. He had all the appearances of an outstanding citizen in the community, attended church regularly, and was a devoted husband and father. Underneath it all lied a very different man who was callous and cold and was proud of his fraudulent skills and showed little remorse for the murders he committed.… (more)
LibraryThing member KR_Patterson
I usually like these types of stories but I found this one a little dry and there were lots of names to memorize. But interesting overall.


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