My First Cousin Once Removed: Money, madness, and the family of Robert Lowell

by Sarah Payne Stuart

Hardcover, 1998




New York : HarperCollins, 1998.


Sarah Payne Stuart grew up in a family of aristocratic lineage whose fortune had long ago been lost. (Among the many family documents cited is a Boston Globe article in which Lowell's bankrupt grandfather is quoted in his will as having left his children their good breeding and Boston heritage.) Stuart's upbringing carried with it a heady sense of privilege and entitlement, but without the money to back it up. This dichotomy - of being both anointed and strapped, of needing to keep up a brave front at all costs, even when members of successive generations of the family (including the author's brother and famous cousin) find themselves locked up in mental wards - forms the heart of this story. An irreverent and clear-sighted meditation on the claustrophobic yet seductive bonds of family, as well as an intimate portrait of a famous man, My First Cousin Once Removed is a wry and haunting story of survival in the midst of instability and dynastic decline.… (more)

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LibraryThing member benjamin.lima
Good example of the literature of WASP decline; cf. Tad Friend's Cheerful Money, George Howe Colt's The Big House, and the works of John P. Marquand.


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