The House at Isla Negra: Prose Poems

by Pablo Neruda

Other authorsAriel Dorfman (Afterword), Marjorie Agosin (Foreword), Dennis Maloney (Translator), Milton Rogovin (Photographer), Clark M. Zlotchew (Translator)
Paper Book, 1988





Fredonia, N.Y. : White Pine Press, 1988.


Few writers are as integrally bound to a place as Pablo Neruda was to the landscape of Isla Negra on Chile's coast. From his arrival there in the late 1930s to his death in 1973, Neruda captured Isla Negra in images fundamental to an understanding of his work. It was, according to Martin Espada, at Isla Negra where Neruda "in the company of his muse, walked alongside the source of his most lyrical inspiration, the sea...and discovered a new way of seeing, as the ocean became a livingmetaphor for the infinite riches of the world." The poems, selected from three volumes of Neruda's work, are presented with photographs of Neruda and his house in an attractive gift format. Nobel Prize-winning poetPablo Neruda , who died in 1973, remains one of the most influential voices in world literature.… (more)


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