The Place of Houses

by Charles Willard Moore

Other authorsDonlyn Lyndon (Joint Author.), Gerald Allen (Joint Author.)
Hardcover, 1974




New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1974]


With a new epilogue Richly illustrated with houses large and small, old and new, with photographs, plans, and cutaway drawings, this is a book for people who want a house but who may not know what they really need, or what they have a right to expect. The authors establish the basis for good building by examining houses in the small Massachusetts town of Edgartown; in Santa Barbara, California, where a commitment was made to re-create an imaginary Spanish past; and in Sea Ranch, on the northern California coast, where the authors attempt to create a community. These examples demonstrate how individual houses can express the care, energies, and dreams of the people who live in them, and can contribute to a larger sense of place.


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