Chinese Thought: From Confucius to Mao Tsê-tung

by Herrlee Glessner Creel

Hardcover, 1953


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Due Feb 26, 2020


[Chicago] University of Chicago Press [1953]


"Chinese philosophy before our Christian era is emphasized in this nontechnical summary of Chinese thought. Professor Creel also deals with Confucianism, the ideas of Mo-tsu and Mencius, Taoism, Legalism, and their variations and adaptations. As an introduction for the general reader, this book stands among the best."—China: A Resource and Curriculum Guide "There exists nowhere else such a well-written presentation of the main trends in Chinese thought in so brief a space. The text is not cluttered with Chinese names and the pages are not weighed down with footnotes—but the references are there for those who want them, with suggestions for further readings. This is a book which can be understood by those who have never read anything else about China."—The New York Times Book Review… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member johnclaydon
very old but still good enough to be used in the classroom.
LibraryThing member brendanus
from Confucious to Mao Tse-tung and now, history and development. A serious study of the development of thought


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