Edwardian Childhoods

by Thea Thompson

Hardcover, 1981




London ; Boston : Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1981.


"Edwardian childhoods looks into the distant, vivid and often magical world of children before the great war. Thea Thompson presents, in their own words, the memories of nine Edwardian children whose early lives spanned the whole range of a British society, from some of the poorest families in the slums of London or in the poverty of the English countryside to the daughter of a leading society hostess. We see the adult world, of The Edwardian ladies and Gentlemen through the sharp eyes of a child. This book is authentic voice of their experience and reveals many qualities of childhood now reminiscent of a vanished world. It is fully illustrated with their own photographs and presents a refreshing and unexpected view of the Edwardian world."--Book jacket.… (more)


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