The Secret Orchard of Roger Ackerley

by Diana Petre

Hardcover, 1975




New York : G. Braziller, 1975.


Now for the 'secret orchard' part of my story. For many years I had a mistress and she presented me with twin girls ten years ago and another girl eight years ago... thus wrote Roger Ackerley in a letter opened by his son J.R. Ackerley on his father's death. In this account his daughter, Diana, attempts to solve the mysteries that surrounded her childhood, her beautiful, bewildering mother, Muriel Perry and Uncle, the shadowy figure who dominated the hidden world in which she grew up.

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LibraryThing member piemouth
Sad memoir by one of the daughters of Roger Ackerley's mistress, so J. R Ackerley's half sister. She and her sisters were hidden away while her mother, who seems to have been a narcissist, left the girls with carers. Later she came back into their lives but demanded attention and loyalty. I skimmed it - just not a very interesting story, unfortunately.… (more)


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