Counselor Ayres' Memorial

by Machado de Assis

Other authorsHelen Caldwell (Translator)
Paperback, 1982




University of California Press (1982), Edition: Later Printing, 208 pages


"A small masterwork, freshly translated , by one of the great novelists of the 19th century. A retired Brazilian diplomat (Ayres) recounts the love affair of a young widow who would rather be faithful to her dead Romeo. How she rejoins the world of the living, rekindling Ayres' spirit as well, is told with muted allusions to Brazil's plantation life and its emancipation of the slaves."--Chicago Tribune�"This novel first appeared in 1908 , the year of Machado de Assi s' death . . It is a mild story, mildly told with a muted form of irony . . it is without self-pity, an elegiac book . . . unmistakably the work of a masterful writer."--Kirkus Reviews�"Packed with wit, with compassion, with valiant self-knowledge. It is an experience I urge you to undertake."--Cleveland Plain Dealer�"A novel as ironic as any of Machado's earlier fiction, but with a new sense of ripeness and tender regard for those whom life tries and tests. It is a last fitting monument to the art of Machado de Assis."--Nation.… (more)

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LibraryThing member Gypsy_Boy
Speaking of elegies, this is his last work, written four years after the death of his wife and published the year he died. It is filled with reminiscences, with the valedictory observations of an old man. A bit melancholy, a bit ordinary in the largely unoriginal observations but nevertheless a
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pleasure to read for all that. A simple story, told as a series of diary entries, it’s a quick and easy read and worth the time. Although it’s not among his greatest works, he’s such a great writer that you can overlook its flaws and read it for the modest pleasures that it brings.
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