The Weekend Novelist

by Robert J. Ray

Paperback, 1994




New York : Dell Pub., c1994.


During the week Robert J. Ray was a teacher.  On weekends he learned the fiction writer's craft and produced his first novel.  He ended up selling six books in six years.  The same success as a writer can happen to you. His step-by-step program, the same one he uses himself and teaches in his popular fiction-writing class, organizes your writing around the weekends.  Each weekend you work through the basics of character, scene, and plot, the construction of the novel in scenes and chapters, and the actual writing and editing of your book.

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A 52-weekend course that takes you, step-by-step, through the task of completing a novel.

User reviews

LibraryThing member PacificBlue
I found the author's style quite dry, but the book itself hugely helpful in allowing me as a new writer, to construct something logically. I've since purchased the Weekend Novelist's redrafting one (sorry, forgotten the name until it arrives) because I expect the same help there, now that I've written the first draft.
LibraryThing member harleyqgrayson02
This book is okay. It has some very helpful tips on writing novels. It also gave me some ideas for writing a novel one day
LibraryThing member Greymowser
Best book on writing.



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