The Swallow and the Tom Cat: A Love Story

by Jorge Amado

Hardcover, 1982





New York : Delacorte Press/Eleanor Friede, c1982.


Rakkaustarina. "Sitten vasta maailmassa kelpaa elellä kun saa kissa vaimokseen pääskyn iloisen ja lentoon näemme nousevan kissaherran harmajan kera pikku morsiamen neiti Pääskysen.".

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Jorge Amado wrote this story in 1948 as a gift for his young son, João Jorge, but without any idea of publishing it. When João Jorge chanced upon the manuscript in 1976, he had the idea of making at least one proper copy, and asked his father's friend, the artist Carybé, to add some pictures —
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and before they knew what was happening the book had been published and was a big success.

It's an innocent-looking little fable about a doomed love affair between the stripy tom-cat and the swallow Sinhá, against the background of the changing seasons in a park, but it turns out to be a story that refuses to resolve itself into any neat moral, and which has some modernist leaps of narrative logic that must have been quite challenging for a one-year-old to follow, not to mention a frame-story that seems to be a parody of Vergil, whilst the animals in the park include a parrot-priest (with at least one illegitimate child) and a toad-literary-critic. Quite a bit for grown-ups to laugh at!
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