The Oxford Dictionary of Music

by Michael Kennedy

Hardcover, 1985




Oxford University Press (1985), 818 pages


For this new edition of The Oxford Dictionary of Music, Michael Kennedy has added over 1,500 entries to the 11,000 already existing, at least four-fifths of which have been revised, some extensively. The dictionary encompasses musical subjects of all kinds: composers (for the majority of whom he gives up-to-date and accurate lists of principal works); musical performers in all fields; orchestras; titles and descriptions of individual works, operas, and ballets; musical forms and terms; instruments; institutions; and writers and scholars. Particular attention has been paid to living composers and to younger musical performers making their names in the concert hall, opera house, or on recordings. The increase in the number of entries on opera producers and designers reflects their growing influence on the public's perception of opera. Compiled for general readers as well as musicians and musicologists, this new edition will be an indispensable addition to the reference shelf of the concert-goer, the opera lover, or anyone involved in music, whether amateur or professional.… (more)

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LibraryThing member jigwagigiggs
How refreshing in the era where the internet tells us how to do everything that there is still an extensive encyclopedia thatt does the same thing. Biblical in its staure for all musicians. And because of the influence of the internet available at giveaway prices seemingly. Im quite sure this would have set me back the thick end of £50 a few years bback instead of the £4 I paid for it… (more)


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