The Oxford Companion to the English Language

by Tom McArthur (Editor)

Hardcover, 1992




Oxford University Press (1992), 1184 pages


Thirty-five hundred entries offer information of writing and speech, linguistics, rhetoric, literary terms, and related topics. Contains a chronology of English and Roman times to 1990, and an index of people who appear in entries, and biographies of influential figures such as Noah Webster and Noam Chomsky.

User reviews

LibraryThing member anneofia
This is a fun book to browse! The entries are arranged alphabetically from "A" to "Zummerzet," with some of the words having just a sentence or two, and some having their own full essay. The introduction tells how the words were chosen. A World Map shows the areas where English is the main language, and in the back there is an index of every single person mentioned in the contents. It's fascinating!… (more)
LibraryThing member aulsmith
We got this book for its linguistic content, but there was so much more literary information that we had in other sources and it took up so much room that we passed it on.


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