The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms

by Chris Baldick

Hardcover, 1990




Oxford University Press (1990)


Containing over 1,000 of the most troublesome literary terms encountered by students and general readers, this gem of a book gives clear and often witty explanations to terms such as hypertext, multi-accentuality, and postmodernism. The dictionary also provides extensive coverage of traditional drama, rhetoric, literary history, and textual criticism. It offers pronunciation guides and suggestions for further reading for many entries, and includes a new preface and terms that have become prominent in literature in the last few years, such as cyberpunk and antanaclasis. This second edition is the most up-to-date and accessible dictionary of literary terms available, popular with both students and teachers of literature at all levels.

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LibraryThing member TheBooknerd
I recommend this book to beginner English/literature students; it's a good reference when trying to make sense of all those -isms.


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