Dictionary of Theories

by Jennifer Bothamley

Paper Book, 1993




Detroit :Visible Ink, 1993.


We've Got Your Theory! Jumping Gene Kernel Senten Mohs's Scale Modulari Mu Theory Nega Income Newtc Method New Liberalism Oh Of Hearing O Paradox of Thrift Illusionism Market Socialism Neptunism The Dictionary of Theories is the first multi-disciplinary reference book to bring together theories, laws, hypotheses, principles, rules, theorems, 'ologies, and 'isms from all subject areas. With more than 5,000 entries, the Dictionary of Theories is a unique and handy reference for the inquiring reader who wants to know more about the many theories cited daily in newspapers and magazines and on television, radio, and the Internet. Alphabetically arranged entries cover the arts, economics, history, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, hard sciences, and more. Ancient and modern, accepted and discredited, all theories that have relevance in today's world are included. The depth of the terms varies from undergraduate level to the more populist, with theories such as Parkinson's law and the Peter Principle included. Each theory gives the name and date of the theory; subject area; the name, nationality, and dates of the discoverer; a concise description of the theory and a comment about its validity; and, where appropriate, a one-item bibliography giving details of a title in which a fuller explanation can be found. Equations and technical diagrams have also been included. Extensive cross-references allow you to browse within areas and across discipline. And the two indexes enable you to see which entries are covered by each subject area and the names and dates of the people associated with each theory.… (more)

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LibraryThing member MagnumOpus
This may be the best reference book I have purchased. There are theories and laws in here I've never heard of and have used numerous times when reading older books referencing scientists and economists.


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