Looking at the Sun: The Rise of the New East Asian Economic and Political System

by James Fallows

Paperback, 1995




Vintage (1995),


Electrical Engineering / Power Systems Electrical Power Systems Design and Analysis, Revised Printing IEEE Power Systems Engineering Series Paul M. Anderson, Series Editor This comprehensive textbook introduces electrical engineers to the most relevant concepts and techniques in electrical power system engineering today. With an emphasis on practical motivations for choosing the best design and analysis approaches, Electrical Power Systems carefully integrates theory-and application. Key features include: over 500 illustrations and diagrams clearly developed procedures and application examples important mathematical details coverage of both alternating and direct current an additional set of solved problems at the end of each chapter an historical overview of the development of electrical power systems Learn about power flow, fault analysis, high-voltage direct transmission systems, electrical power system protection, economic considerations, and more from this step-by-step introduction to power system engineering. This book will be useful to both power engineering students and professional power engineers. Also in the IEEE Power Systems Engineering Series... Power System Stability Volumes I, II, & III by Edward Wilson Kimbark An IEEE Press Classic Reissue - 1995 - Softcover in slipcased set - 1008 pp IEEE Order No. PP5600 - ISBN 0-7803-1135-3 Analysis of Electric Machinery by Paul C. Krause and Oleg Wasynczuk, Purdue University, and Scott D. Sudhoff, University of Missouri at Rolla 1994 - Hardcover - 584 pp - IEEE Order No. PC4556 - ISBN 0-7803-1101-9 About the Series... The IEEE Power Systems Engineering Series is devoted to providing comprehensive coverage of the field, including the design, operation, and analysis of power systems. Created expressly for use by power system engineers and engineering students, this series offers extensive complementary coverage of both theory and practical applications. IEEE Order No. PC5606… (more)



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