George Tooker

by Thomas H. Garver

Hardcover, 1985




New York : C.N. Potter : Distributed by Crown Publishers, c1985.


This book contains over 150 paintings of George Tooker. The color reproductions capture the luminous quality of the artist's work in egg tempera, and his meticulous painting technique is described in detail through an intimate look into the artist's studio.For more than forty-five years Tooker has painted haunting psychological landscapes exploring the human condition, all characterized by their use of symbolism, classical form, and masterful technique. His absorbing images both enchant and repel us in their forceful depiction of the complexities of our age while clearly demonstrating the artist's love of composition and human form. By Thomas H. Garver.

User reviews

LibraryThing member Big_Bang_Gorilla
Being a selection of the paintings of a twentieth-century representational artist whose work is redolent of a symbolist Edward Hopper who used a similar approach to figure painting as Thos. Hart Benson. The results I found quite affecting and am glad to have this compilation.
LibraryThing member presto
A large (10" x 11"), almost square format paperback with fold out cover which is illustrated throughout predominantly in full colour. Following the introduction which provides a brief biography of the artist, the books proceeds to consider the paintings chronologically. Each painting is discussed in detail; the intelligent and accessible commentary taking into account relevant events in the artist's life that might bear influence on the work. The book concludes with an illustrated (black and white) catalogue raisonne of paintings, a list of exhibitions and a selected bibliography.

This is a splendid book, beautifully presented; it is well laid out and with many if the images presented against a neutral grey page background which well suites the work. The book designer should be commended too for arranging the text alongside, or within a page of, the images to which to it refers; without compromising the layout (other publishers and designers please take note - it can be done!).

The book contains over 145 paintings of which more than 85 are in full colour, most of the latter are half to full page size. The printing is excellent and well conveys the subtle delicacy of the paintings as well as the luminosity of the paint surface; with the result that the images truly glow out from the page.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Only at Sierra Nevada College 4/26/15



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