John Spellman: Politics Never Broke His Heart

by John C. Hughes

Hardcover, 2013




[Olympia, Wash.] : Washington State Heritage Center, Legacy Project, c2013.

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LibraryThing member Schmerguls
This book about Washinton state's 19th governor, elected in 1980, caught my total attention and I really enjoyed reading all of it, while at the same time being distressed at the difficulties an able politician needs must endure. The subject of this able biography became Governor at a difficult time economically and had far more than his share of problems with the Legislature. I was amazed at the strenuous effort being Governor had to be. Spellman clearly was the kind of Republican which I, as a committed Democrat, would support--the kind of Republican not in office, at least not in Congress, any more. I found reading this book, even though I knew not much about Washington state politics, fully absorbing and I think anyone interested in politics and politicians would so find it. I came to know John Spellman in law school and my admiration for him this book shows to have been fully justified. As Andrew Oliver said long ago: " Politics is the most hazardous of all professions. There is no other in which a man can hope to do so much good to his fellow cireatures--and neither is there any in which by a mere loss of nerve he may do as widespread harm. There is not another in which he may so easily lose his own soul, nor is there another in which a positive and strict veracity is so difficult. But danger is the inseparable companion of honor. With all its tempations and degradations that beset it, politics is still the noblest cause a man can choose." When I finished reading thsi enthralling book I was most grateful that a man such as John Spellman devoted so much of his time to his fellow citizens. This book taught me how difficult it is to be an able politician but how rewarding it can be and was for John Spellman and for the people of King County--who he served as County Executive for eight years--and Washington.… (more)



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