The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression: Graphic Edition

by Amity Shlaes

Paper Book, 2014


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Due Sep 6, 2019


New York : Harper Perennial, [2014]


This imaginative illustrated edition brings to life one of the most devastating periods in our nation's history--the Great Depression--through the lives of American people, from politicians and workers to businessmen, farmers, and ordinary citizens.

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LibraryThing member elizabeth.b.bevins
Great idea! History in a graphic novel. Love anything that will engage non-readers (yikes~are there many out there?). This is great for all ages!
LibraryThing member ElizaJane
This is the graphic edition of an already published non-fiction history for adults. I should have looked more closely as to what this was all about as I wasn't able to finish it, making my way through 129 of 317 pages. It is an amazing book, but I am interested in history (from a personal and social pov) and this is very much a book about politics and way too heady for me. Starting in 1927, the book details the people involved in the American politics of the time and what brought about the Great Depression. The parts I read dealt with Hoover, then FDR's administrations and the bad dealings that went on to stir up an economy. The socialist ideologies and Communist sympathizing that ended up in the New Deal; a country whose banking system was stopped, money didn't move. The economics and politics was all a bit much for my interests but what I did read was interesting enough to know that this book will appeal to those more interested in the topic. The graphic adaption and art are fine examples of this medium.… (more)


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