The Pyramids of Egypt

by I. E. S. Edwards

Paper Book, 1975




Harmondsworth ; Baltimore [etc.] : Penguin, 1975.


"Dr Edwards draws both on his research and on the work of many archaeologists who have dug in Egypt. Surveying 1000 years of pyramid-building, he charts the rise and decline of the pyramids as funerary monuments, from the mastabas of the first and second dynasties and the step pyramids to the archaic and backward-looking efforts of the Middle Kingdom, and discusses the famous group at Giza. His final chapter, dealing with their construction and purpose, puts the pyramids into the perspective of ancient Egyptian society"

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LibraryThing member yapete
Details how the egyptians learned how to build the pyramids by trial and (sometimes catastrophic) error. Quite detailed, for the reader who is looking for a well-researched book by a scholar in the subject of the eqyptian pyramids.



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