The Holy Land: Yesterday and Today; Lithographs and Diaries

by David Roberts

Hardcover, 1996




New York : Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1996


David Roberts was born in 1796 at Stockbridge, near Edinburgh, to an extremely humble family. He spent his childhood in total but dignified poverty, which did nothing to prevent him, however, from showing early but remarkable artistic gifts. Gifted with great determination and equal talents, Roberts succeeded in overcoming his humble beginnings, and quickly became one of the most acclaimed artists of the period. An excellent landscape artist, after traveling repeatedly throughout Europe, he set out for Egypt in 1838, and during the first months of the following years, he toured the Sinai Peninsula, Petra, Jerusalem, Palestine, the coast of Lebanon, and Baalbec. The lithographs taken from the sketches he made during that remarkable journey of exploration in the Holy Land, and published in London by Francis Graham Moon between 1842 and 1849, assured him a fame that has lasted to the present day. This volume contains the original plates of the first edition, in large format, arranged for the first time in correct chronological order, with commentary and considerable extracts from Roberts' journal. Each illustration, moreover, is paired with a photograph that depicts the same a century and a half later.… (more)

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LibraryThing member hewitt
Another outstanding limited edition facsimile from the society, others do exist but not of this print quality, nor entirely reproducing all the plates in color, with the original dedications and introductions, plus maps at the end of each volume. I like the folio society, they do make it affordable to purchase these expensive books by giving members the option to enroll in an interest free payment plan up to 10 months (as for the Roberts books).… (more)


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