The Little House: An Architectural Seduction

by Jean-François de Bastide

Paperback, 1997





Princeton Architectural Press (1997), Edition: 2nd, 116 pages

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LibraryThing member jpsnow
This format was apparently popular in the early 18th century. It's written as a story to convey the connection between architecture and seduction. The introductory analysis describes it as eroticism, but the nuances are very subtle, and French. Other critiques debate whether it was really just about architecture. It certainly is about that, with several references to designers and sculptors on every page. And they are all contemporaries of the time, not ones you'd know today unless you'd majored in the period. What I liked most was the interaction between the two characters. The storyline involves a coquette increasingly open to romance as she becomes immersed in the high art and sensory pleasures that surround her. It's a fun read if for no other reason than exposure to a niche style of historical writing, but neither is it a must read.… (more)


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