The Art of Living

by AndreĢ Maurois

Hardcover, 1959




London: Bodley Head, 1959.


A new translation by Sergio E. Serrano of this inspirational book containing sound advice on the art of living by the French historian, biographer, and philosopher, Andr Maurois (1885 - 1967), who was one of the most celebrated and prolific French writers of the 20th century. Timeless wisdom and advice on the art of living for today's young and old: The art of thinking; the art of loving; the art of working: the art of leadership; the art of growing old. Maurois speaks to the soul of the reader. The principles he conveys remain as valid and as useful in the 21st century as they were in the 20th. According to Maurois, our lives are works of art, expressions of inner beauty, conceived and created by our inner selves, tested by the circumstances and experiences of life, perfected and modified by the learning and growth resulting from these experiences. Maurois accurately predicted: ​the ultimate failure of all social revolutions; the necessity of slow change in human customs and attitudes as a key to lasting changes; the technological development and implementation of robots in large assembly lines; the characteristics of a reasonable and effective government; the inner virtues to cultivate in order to successfully overcome the adversities of life; the qualities to seek in order to maintain stable, loving, relationships; the attributes to encourage as an effective manager; the essentials by which to plan a long and enjoyable retirement; the principles behind an effective educational system. An Art of Living remained out of print for several decades. This new translation resurrects this little treasure of a book for the English readers of today; it remains faithful to the original French edition and to the style of the author.… (more)



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