I'm Nobody! Who Are You?: Poems of Emily Dickinson For Children

by Emily Dickinson

Other authorsRex Schneider (Illustrator), Richard B. Sewall (Introduction)
Paper Book, 1978




Owings Mills, Md. : Stemmer House Publishers, 1978.


An illustrated collection of poems by an outstanding 19th-century American poet whose works were published posthumously.

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LibraryThing member mexicarita
This book is formatted especially for young readers. Emily Dickinson is a great way to introduce young people to the world of metaphor, analogy, and nuance found in poetry. Her subject is almost always nature and love and the themes are generally age appropriate for young adult readers to explore
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the world of poetry.

I loooooooove Emily Dickinson. I love seeing through her own words, her love of nature revealing itself to the reader. She seems to be a sensitive person yet through her poetry, there remains evidence of a fiesty spirit. I think young adults readers can really enjoy reading her work and use it to understand their own development of poerty writings.

I would have younger children draw a picture of what comes to their minds eye after reading a poem of hers.

For older chldren, we could discuss Emily's use of metaphor found very frequently throughout her writings and see if the students could come up with a few of their own.
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LibraryThing member onlyhope1912
I really enjoyed this book because I have always loved Emily Dickenson. Her verses seem to capture the meaning of life in a very simple yet beautiful way.
LibraryThing member br14haga
This classic book of poetry by Emily Dickinson is very inspiring. She makes you think about things you haven't thought of before; outside the box. Her poems vary in size so it is perfect for people with all kinds of attention spans. I enjoyed her plays with words.
LibraryThing member skstiles612
I have always enjoyed her poetry, even if it does come off a little on the dark, depressing side. We find this a lot in our English textbooks. Everyone should read at least one of her poems.



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