The Civil War Dictionary

by Mark M. Boatner

Hardcover, 1959




New York : D. McKay Co., c1959.


For almost thirty years The Civil War Dictionary has been the most complete, authoritative, and handy reference book on what has been called the Second American Revolution, 1861-1865. Periodically updated throughout sixteen printings, this invaluable volume has more than 4,000 entries, alphabetically arranged and carefully cross-referenced. Among them: -- 2,000 biographical sketches of Civil War leaders. both military and civilian -- extensive descriptions of all 20 campaigns and entries on lesser battles, engagements and skirmishes -- 120 armies, departments, and districts, as well as such famous smaller units as the Iron Brigade, the 20th Maine, and the Pennsylvania Reserves -- plus naval engagements, weapons, issues and incidents, military terms and definitions, politics, literature, statistics, and 86 specially prepared maps and diagrams… (more)



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