The Same Sea

by Amos Oz

Other authorsN. R. M. De Lange (Translator)
Hardcover, 2001




New York : Harcourt, c2001.


Here is one book that is in a magical category of one, a truly outstanding, resonant and original work that breaks the mould of storytelling. It tells an intimate, everyday tale of grief, unrequited love, attachment and loss through the voices of an irresistible range of characters. Told in beautiful, direct language, the story has universal and immediate appeal -surprising, heartbreaking, sexy, funny, poetic and quite simply unputdownable.Reminiscent of Under Milk Wood for the range of its voices, its earthly humour and its poignancy, The Same Sea is pure joy to read, full of echoes and illusions yet with an astonishing immediacy and a powerful charge.

User reviews

LibraryThing member SqueakyChu
Here's a poignant story of one family, each member or acquaintance trying as hard as possible to establish control of his life. That's not always as easy to achieve as it seems. The novel describes, in both in prose and poetry, how several people try to achieve that end. The novel slips so easily from prose into poetry and vice versa, that even readers who are not particularly interested in poetry may not mind this writing technique. Although it's a melancholy story, it's also an intriguing look at how several people relate to one another and how their goals at some times in their lives tend to either attract or repel others close to them. At one point, the author himself shows up as a character! That is really an interesting occurrence and a situation not often encountered in most novels.

THE SAME SEA is not hard to read. However, because of the style in which it is written, it would lend itself to being read more than once. For sure, it deserves to be read at least a first time!
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LibraryThing member LynnB
This is a story about being left behind: the characters have all lost someone and are making their way through life as best they can. The writing style is poetic and sparse, yet very vivid portraits of the characters emerge. The story provides extraordinary glimpses into ordinary lives.
LibraryThing member ivanfranko
The complex soul-lives of everyday inter-related family and friends is laid out with love and clarity by Amos Oz.
LibraryThing member Polaris-
Amos returned to form with this one. Brilliantly rotating the narrative from one inter-connected protagonist to another, he brings these characters to life with an intensity. Tel-Avivis made real with depth.


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