Edwin Hubble: Mariner of the Nebulae

by Gale E. Christianson

Hardcover, 1995




New York : Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1995.


In 1923 Edwin Hubble confirmed the existence of other galaxies. By the end of the decade, he proved that the universe is expanding, thus laying the very cornerstone of the big bang theory. A revealing portrait of a scientific genius at work, this book also offers an incisive narrative of the history of astronomy, and an evocation of what we see when gazing at the stars. "Highly entertaining. . . . Hubble may have been the most important astronomer since Galileo. Perhaps since Copernicus."—Dick Teresi, New York Times Book Review "Hubble's own story has not been adequately told until now. . . . A riveting portrait of a great scientist and a haunted man, and the best look we are likely to have of the real Hubble."—Dennis Overby, Los Angeles Times Book Review "Displays remarkable strength in its steadfast balance and scrupulous honesty. The greatness of the discoveries is set off against the contrasting pettiness of the man."—Hans Christian von Baeyer, Boston Sunday Globe "Fascinating. . . . This is one of the most impressive scientific biographies of recent years."—Kirkus Review, starred review — "Notable Books for the Year 1995" selection, New York Times Book Review —"Best Books of 1995" selection, Library Journal —Selected as one of the five best science books in 1995 by Carl Sagen, Washington Post… (more)



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