The New Yorker Book of Literary Cartoons

by Robert Mankoff (Editor)

Paper Book, 2000




New York, N.Y. ; London : Washington Square Press, 2000.


This timeless and deliciously irreverent tribute to the peerless power of the literary landscape features 104 drawings, each of them certified by experts to be worth a thousand words. The essence of reading, writing, publishing and shelving books is explored in all its glory and absurdity. Here are dead-on portraits and eye-opening ruminations on all things bookish, writerly and readerly, courtesy of The New Yorker's renowned stable of cartoonists, from Charles Barsotti to Roz Chast, Ed Koren to Frank Modell and Jack Ziegler to Victoria Roberts.

User reviews

LibraryThing member ilovecheesecake
If you love books and reading as I do, this is the best picture book you could have! Many talented cartoonists make fun of so many topics in literature, readers, libraries, etc. This is a great gift book too!
LibraryThing member crazyjerseygirl
I LOVE this book!
fave has to be James Joyce's to-do list.
LibraryThing member pussreboots
Great fun to read when stuck home with the flu. Favorites of mine are #11, 18, 50, 61, & 72.
LibraryThing member JenniferRobb
A friend sent me this book as part of a care package. This book is a collection of cartoons that all relate to literature in some way. Most were amusing, but a few fell flat for me.



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