Lives of the Painters, Sculptors and Architects. Volume 2

by Giorgio Vasari

Hardcover, 1996




Everyman's Library, 1996.


Beginning with Cimabue and Giotto in the 13th century, Vasari traces the development of Italian art across three centuries to the golden epoch of Leonardo and Michelangelo.

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LibraryThing member zzshupinga
I took a Master's level Art History class on Giorgia Vasari at FSU a few years ago and this was the translation of the book that the professor wanted us to buy for the class. And for good reason. It's probably the most complete and accurate translation of Vasari's works out there and is downright affordable in this edition (yes $44 is affordable for this. It's a nice two volume edition with a slipcover to store the books in and the books themselves have a nice sturdy binding. If you have to buy a translation of Vasari's works or just want to explore what the first art historian wrote, you can't go wrong with this edition.… (more)


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