Lives of the Painters, Sculptors and Architects. Volume 2

by Giorgio Vasari

Hardcover, 1996




Everyman's Library, 1996.

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LibraryThing member SeriousGrace
There is not introduction to the second volume. We just jump right into the biographies, starting with Fra Filippo Lippi, Painter of Florence (?1406 - 1469). Vasari doesn't waste any time getting to the juicy parts of a painter's life, "He remained so for two days, but overcome by his amorous and bestial desires, he cut up his sheet with a pair of scissors, and, letting himself down out the window, devoted many days to his pleasures" (p 3). Ooh la la. But, don't get too excited. There aren't that many personal facts for the rest of the biographies. Vasari, for the most part, sticks to who painted or sculpted what. One good thing about volume two is that it includes Botticello and Da Vinci, two artists we recognize.… (more)


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