Acts of Worship: Seven Stories

by Yukio Mishima

Other authorsJohn Bester (Translator)
Hardcover, 1989





Tokyo : New York : Kodansha International, 1989.

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These complementary volumes of fiction and nonfiction only confirm his genius.

User reviews

LibraryThing member amandacb
Mishima began my love of Japanese literature, especially short stories. Japanese literature has a refreshing vein of naturalism and mysticism, and Mishima's stories are prime examples. I used some of his stories to teach themes to tenth graders (especially the rain one, with the rain outside, the water in the fountain, the tears on the girl's face, etc). He's a brilliant short story writer. I also enjoyed his other collection, Death in Midsummer.… (more)
LibraryThing member poetontheone
In Acts of Worship, Mishima captures the nihilistic despair and complex beauty of characters and settings much like in his longer work. While still containing the essence of his style, the short length of the stories do not allow room for a complete showcase of his talent. Some of the stories are only satisfactory, but others are excellent quality. 'Sword' and 'Act of Worship' stand out boldly among the rest. A worthwhile read for those already acquainted with Mishima's work.… (more)
LibraryThing member dbsovereign
Short stories that serve us up parts of Mishima. Includes many of the same themes found in his books.



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