The Sin Collector (Masha Karavai Detective Series)

by Daria Desombre

Other authorsShelley Fairweather-Vega (Translator)
Paperback, 2017




AmazonCrossing (2017), 332 pages

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LibraryThing member Dokfintong
Dear Ms Desombre:

Please consider using a different translator for your next book.

I enjoyed the story in "The Sin Collector", but Ms Fairweather-Vega's translation has stripped all the Russianness out of it. Most of the patronymics have been removed, so it jars when one pops up. Blini at breakfast are now just pancakes, and beautiful Russian onion domes have become cupolas, which architecturally they are not. Maria Fyodorovna Karavaya becomes plain Masha Karavay. Bizarrely, Detective Captain Andrey Yakolov has a "crocodile" smile, even though "krokodile" is a horrible horrible Russian drug.

Part of the reason for reading international fiction is to get a feel for a place and a culture. The Moscow presented here could be anywhere and Masha Karavay could be any law student.

I received a review copy of "The Sin Collector: Masha Karavai [sic] Detective Series" by Daria Desombre, translated by Shelley Fairweather-Vega (AmazonCrossing) through There has been some mistake made in the title on Amazon with the "Karavay" in the text becoming and "Karavai" in the online title.
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