Oba, The Last Samurai: Saipan 1944-45

by Don Jones

Hardcover, 1986




Novato, CA : Presidio Press, 1986.

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LibraryThing member bespen
I am saddened to hear that this book is out of print. I came across it entirely by accident in a university library, but it was a thumping good read, and I am glad I was so fortunate.

This is the tale of a Japanese Army officer stationed on the isle of Saipan in WWII. He hid from and fought the American occupation until the end of the war, a feat unrivaled in all the Pacific theater. What is most amazing, is Captain Oba had the courage to live and fight on, when the rest of the island's defenders had engaged in a traditional, and arguably foolish, mass suicide attack.

This stunning portrait is written by an American serviceman who actually came under attack by Captain Oba during his tour of duty. The respect evident for this great warrior is not something often found, and makes for a book worth reading. In America and Japan, few think to honor those who fought for the losing side. This book serves their memory.
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